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A One day Training jointly developed By MWERC and Franklin Energy

During March and April, the IEE WG ran both a final beta test and launch session of “Selling Energy Efficiency”. The new one day workshop was developed by Franklin Energy and the IEE WG, is designed to improve the sales productivity by providing a much deeper insight into high impact sales processes, the needs of the four major buying influences (Economic, User, Technical and Commercial) and the multiple, stacked,  value streams (direct, indirect and ego) they evaluate. The opportunity to apply the new tools and insight in the workshop to participant’s real life sales challenges relevant to real EE opportunities made the program very valuable to participants. 

The workshop was led by the IEE WG Co-Leader Steve Hiersche, who has nearly 20 years of SEE applied experience.

 Feedback from participants was extremely positive with members requesting additional sessions of the new Workshop. The IEE WG is now exploring up to three workshops in Milwaukee, Madison, Eau Claire and potentially one in Rockford, IL. The course is ideal for Utilities, Consultants, Trade Allies and small to medium IEE customers. The Workshop development and training was funded by both WMEP and M-WERC.