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The Industrial Energy Efficiency Energy Group was formed to discover the barriers to Energy Efficiency Implementation and to create awareness among stakeholders to reduce those barriers to create a more efficient regional economy

Key Actions for 2018

  1. Expand IEE WG to include Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers and Trade Allies to leverage IEE WG’s assets and directly accelerate project growth.
  2. Establish a minimum of three target vertical markets and three or four impactful cross cutting technologies to gain further focus and deeper traction
  3. Establish schedule of 3 geographically distributed Networking Events/Activities for 2018 using conference materials, SEE workshop and critical lessons learned. (2nd, 3rd & 4th Q to be located in Madison, Green Bay and Milwaukee )
  4. Continue SEE Programming/Training (3 events, one in Madison Green Bay and Milwaukee) Continue to use Utility members as anchors
  5. Continue to expand event collaboration and deepen engagement with WAEE, MEEA, WMEP, Milwaukee-BBC and Utility Members
  6. Build sustainable funding model to support execution activities-Grants and Sponsorships for 2018 Activities
  7. Expand focused resources and establish new IEE intern(s) program (UWM/MATC) to support organizational activities and events and build workforce.

OrganizAtional Information

The M-WERC Industrial Energy Group is made up of representatives of the following Companies:

Midwest Energy Research Consortium  (M-WERC)

Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP)

Alliant Energy

Madison Gas & Electric

We Energies

Xcel Energy

Focus on Energy

Wisconsin State Energy Department (Office of Energy Innovation)

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC)

EPA -Region 5 (Chicago Office)

Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Franklin Energy

Rockwell Automation

Fairbanks Morse

Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (DOE/Industrial Assessment Center)

Marquette University

Freedom Field Energy

HGA Architects

EME Associates, Inc. 

Faith Technologies

The Industrial Energy Efficiency Work Group’s Goal is to make the business case for energy efficiency

How Much Does Energy Efficiency Impact The Energy Business?

How Does Energy Efficiency Impact Jobs Growth?

How Does Energy Efficiency Impact My Company Competitiveness?

Who Do I call For assistance?

What About IncentiVes?